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Lilianna and I will be working on our own little Undertale pieces on the account. She will be working on a comic featuring both Undertale and Underfell. I myself will be working on a fanfic that may eventually turn into a comic. I will be posting the first chapter of my fanfic soon but it is unknown when Lilianna will be done with the first page of her comic. We hope you enjoy both of them.


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Welcome to our DA! We hope you enjoy our art, whether it be furry, original characters, video games, etc. We work very hard on our pieces so we hope that you enjoy. Liliana does the anime/comic-styled art and Buffasaur does adoptables and the more chibi style arts. Our names are normally included in the descriptions so that you know who does what. /^w^/ If you have any questions or wish to request art, please feel free to pm us. One of us are normally always available so we will try to respond as soon as possible.
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Please note that I have changed up the dialogue of some characters a bit. I also made Frisk a male so if that bothers you please do not read it. I have also made him rather shy and skittish as I felt like it would be really cute. I have gone through this twice and fixed what errors I found but if you find more, please tell me. I am open to constructive criticism but please don't be mean out of spite.

Frisk hummed to himself as he made his way up the trail to the top of Mt Ebott. He was so nervous that he was shaking despite the hot breeze. He knew the legend of the mountain and he had no desire to be up here. He wouldn't have come if those kids hadn't picked on him. He was always a quiet kid and kept to himself, though being easily scared made him an easy target for bullies. They had made him come up here. They had told him that if he didn't then they would beat him up. The last thing he needed was to explain bruises and blood to his mother.

He took a deep breath as he finally arrived at the wide mouthed cave. This was the cave at the top of the mountain and where he had to enter. They said they would know if he didn't enter, though he was unsure exactly how. He slowly and cautiously entered the cave, looking around as he went forward. It wasn't dark as daylight seemed to be entering through holes in the cavern. It looked rather menacing with the stalactites and stalagmites but he did his best to ignore them. This place was very creepy and he had no clue how far in he had to walk.

He soon saw a sight that made his eyes go wide in shock. It was a huge, gaping hole and it seemed to go down forever by the looks of it. He gulped and began to back up, not wanting to get too near the edge. It was then that he heard a rustling noise and quickly looked behind him. A swarm of bats rushed at him, having been spooked by something or someone. They swarmed past him and he put his arms up in defense, frightened that he would get attacked. He went to back up to try to get away but the ledge around the hole crumbled and he slipped. He heard several voices yell his name in a panic.

He felt weightless as he fell down. He closed his eyes in fear, expecting to get impaled by spikes or to splat against the bottom. The closer down he got, however, the more his fall slowed. He opened his eyes at this realization as that wasn't normal. He then let out a gasp as he landed on something soft. He looked below him and found himself on a bed of golden flowers. He blinked a few times, wondering how he was still alive. Maybe he was dreaming or having an out of body experience. That had to be the answer. He let out a sigh and looked up. Daylight still shown down the hole but he couldn't see the top.

He stood up and brushed himself off. He looked around and noticed a hallway that lead to a door off to the side. He let out a gulp as he realized he would have to go forward to get out as he couldn't exactly go back up. He slowly walked down the hallway and turned to look into the door. There was another door a bit further with a patch of grass in between the two. There was a plain yellow flower in the middle, bigger than the ones he landed on. He walked forward slowly, hoping to get to the other door so he could continue on.

Out of nowhere, the flower giggled and looked at him. Frisk's eyes went wide and he halted in his step. He hadn't noticed but the flower had a face, like it was an actual creature. He was filled with fear as he tried to back up. The flower smiled warmly at him. "Don't be afraid, human. I won't harm you. I'm Flowey the flower. You're new to the underground, aren't you?" he asked cheerfully. Frisk was honestly a bit afraid of how cheery the flower was but he nodded in response anyway. The flower then giggled again. "Well, someone needs to show you how things work around here. I guess little ole me will have to do. Here we go," he said.

Everything went black for Frisk. A red heart then appeared in front of him along with some information, something about LV and HP. Flowey stood ahead of him and began speaking. "The heart there is your soul, the very culmination of your being. It starts out weak but with lots of LV, it can grow strong. LV stands for Love. Think of your heart like a flower except instead of water you need Love. I can share some love with you," he said with a giggle. Little dots then appeared behind him. Frisk got a bad feeling about this but didn't know what else to do. "Love is shared through little white…friendliness pellets. Catch as many as you can," he said with a smile.

Frisk was a bit surprise when the pellets moved slowly towards him. He wasn't sure what he should do so he shyly reached out and grabbed at one. He let out a yell of pain as his soul flickered. He fell to his knees at the pain that racked his body. He looked up and noticed that his HP had fallen down to one. Flowey then let out a dark chuckle, his laughter filling the area. His face then contorted into one of rage. "You idiot. In this world, it's kill or be killed. Why would I pass up the chance to kill you? Now die!" he yelled. Frisk looked around him in horror as more of Flowey's pellets surrounded him. He whimpered as they began closing in on him. He wrapped his arms around himself and closed his eyes, knowing he was done for. He then opened his eyes wide as he heard a ding. He looked at his HP and noticed that it was full again. Flowey looked confused then let out a yell as he was forced away into the darkness.

Behind where Flowey had been now stood the silhouette of a tall creature. Frisk shook with fear as it approached him, horns and a dress of sorts becoming visible. He closed his eyes, afraid that now this creature would kill him. He was surprised when instead he felt a soft hand rest on his head. He slowly opened his eyes and looked up in awe. He saw what looked like a tall female goat creature. Her horns weren't as terrifying since he could clearly see them as they were simply short and nubby. She wore a purple dress with a symbol that he remembered seeing on the door to this area. She gave him a smile and removed her hand from his head. "Are you ok my child? What a terrible creature that was, torturing such a defenseless youth," she said gently. She then laughed softly. "How silly of me. I am Toriel, caretaker of the ruins. I patrol this way daily to see if anyone falls in. You are the first human to fall in a long time. Come with me, if you please. These ruins are tricky to navigate," she said, offering her hand.

Frisk hesitated for a moment. She seemed really nice but so did Flowey before he attacked him. He didn't get the same strange feeling from Toriel that he got from Flowey though so he shyly took her hand. She smiled and the darkness that had engulfed him vanished, showing the part of the ruins that he had been in before. "This way, little one," she said sweetly. She led the way as he followed beside her, leading him through the door he had originally been heading for. Through the doorway rested a breath taking site. Two sets of stairs framed a beautiful bed of leaves as well as the entrance to the rest of the ruins. Birds were chirping though Frisk saw none when he looked. Toriel led him up the right flight of stairs and through the door to the entrance. The next room had six buttons on the floor as well as a lever on the wall. Frisk looked up at her questioningly. She smiled. "Allow me to show you how to operate one of the many puzzles of the ruin," she explained. She let go of his hand and walked over to the first one on the second row. She stepped on it then moved to the one beside it. She skipped the one in the middle and clicked the other two in order.

When she flipped the lever, the door opened. She then smiled at him. "These are common around the ruins. Adjust yourself to seeing them," she said. He walked over to her and took her hand again. Being in her presence relaxed him and made him feel safe. He noticed her smile sweetly at him for this but continued on. In the next room there appeared to be two small bridges and three levers; one in the middle and two on the right. She turned to him. "This next puzzle will involve you pulling a series of levers. I have marked the ones you need to pull so do not worry," she explained with a smile. She led the way and released his hand when they crossed the first bridge. She went and stood in front of the other bridge, watching him with an encouraging smile. He blinked then looked at the lever that was marked with arrows. He walked over to it and gently pulled on it. There was a click and Toriel smiled. She then walked across the bridge and stood in front of the spikes blocking the next entryway. Frisk gulped at the sight of them and walk over to the lever that was marked. He flipped it and the spikes retracted, opening the exit.

"Well done, my child. Let us proceed to the next area," she said cheerfully. Frisk followed her as they went through the exit and entered the next room. It was small compared to the others and had a doorway leading up as well as a dummy in the middle. Toriel lead him to the dummy then stood in front of the door. "As a human in the underground, you will be faced against monsters of all types. You will have to be able to take care of yourself. Do not worry though as it is simple. You can strike up a conversation with them and wait for me to arrive to resolve the issue. Try talking to this dummy," she said encouragingly. Frisk looked nervously at the dummy as the familiar blackness surrounded the area. His heart appeared in front of him along with all of his information. He was given four options: Fight, Act, Items, and Mercy. He thought about what Toriel said and clicked the Act button. He was then given the option to check the dummy or to talk. He smiled confidently and selected talk. He then cleared his throat and shyly spoke. "H-hello. How are you?" he asked. The dummy didn't respond, which he should have expected as it was an inanimate object. He looked over at Toriel who seemed very pleased. The fight ended, the darkness vanishing once again leaving behind the ruins.

"Very good. You are very good at this, my child. Let us continue," she said. He walked up beside her and took her hand again. She let out a little chuckle at this then lead him into the next room. It appeared to be a big room with a hallway connecting two bigger parts. "There is another puzzle in this room. I wonder if you can solve it," she said with a gentle smile. She then lead him through the empty room and down the hallway. When they were halfway down the hallway though, a small frog monster appeared. Frisk let out a yelp of surprise and backed up but the darkness surrounded him and the frog. The same four options as before popped up. Frisk shook a bit but tried to remember Toriel's words. He clicked the act button and selected compliment out of the three options. He smiled and spoke to the creature. "You're quiet cute for a frog," he said warmly. The froggit didn't look like he understood what he said but blushed. It was then that Toriel suddenly appeared out of nowhere. She glared at the froggit and it bounced off on its way. The darkness vanished and he was left beside Toriel. She simply smiled and continued walking forward with him walking behind her.

She came to sudden stop and he saw why. The next puzzle appeared to be a maze of spikes which had to be carefully navigated to get to the next side. Frisk looked at Toriel in fear but she smiled warmly. "Do not worry my child. I believe puzzles may be a bit too dangerous at the moment. I will lead you across," she said reassuringly. She gently took his hand and began walking towards the spikes. Frisk expected her to get hurt but when they neared the spikes, they retracted into the ground. Toriel knew the way apparently as they passed it with ease, all of the correct spikes retracting with ease. When they got to the end she smiled. "That is done. On we go now," she said, leading him through the exit. The next room appeared to be very long. Toriel released his hand and stood in front of him, turned to look at him. "You have done well so far, my child. Now, however….I have a difficult request to ask of you. I would….like for you to walk to the end of this hall by yourself. Forgive me for this," she said softly. She then quickly walked away, vanishing after a certain point.

Frisk's eyes went wide, worried about this. What if another creature appeared and attacked him? He let out a gulp and began slowly walking down the hallway. He trusted Toriel and knew she wouldn't leave him in danger. This caused his steps to become a bit more normal as he realized he was in no trouble. After a bit of walking he reached the end of the hallway and found the exit as well as a pillar. "Toriel?" he asked, wondering where she went. He then saw movement by the pillar and saw Toriel come out from behind it, her smile one of happiness. "Greetings, my child. I did not leave you alone. I was hiding behind this pillar. I thank you for trusting me. There was a reason for this exercise. I wanted to test your independence. I must attend to some business and you will need to be alone for a while," she explained. His eyes saddened a bit at this as he felt safe with Toriel but he nodded. "I will need you to remain here as it is dangerous to explore by yourself. Here, I will give you this cell phone so that I can check up on you when needed," she said as she pulled a phone from the pocket in her dress. She handed him a small flip phone and he put it in his pants pocket. "If you need anything as well you can also call. My number is already in the phone. Be good, my child," she said with one last caring smile. She then turned and walked through the exit, vanishing from view.

Frisk sat by the pillar, hugging himself and willing himself to not be afraid. He then got an idea and smiled. Toriel was so nice and caring. He would surprise her by making his way through the rest of the ruins. He also found himself a little curious about what was in the ruins, despite his fear. He stood up and steeled himself. He then walked into the exit, ready for whatever he needed to face.



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